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Since 2006, hundreds of proactive, patriotic and innovative young people have made tremendous contributions toward the development of health in Nigeria. In the course of our activities, we identified some major factors responsible for weak health system in Nigeria to include but not limited to the following;

  • Weak health system due to many years of neglect and lack of investment in health
  • Inadequate allocation of resources to health and misapplication of the available ones
  • Inequitable distribution of health care facilities and human resources for health across the country
  • Lack of policies that would allow desired development in the health sector
  • Lack of knowledge on the part of the populace on the quality of service they should demand of their leaders

These factors also account for the poor health indices of Nigeria – high maternal, infant and under-five mortality rates and low life expectancy.

Whereas we realize that the youth are the future of society, the product of its evolution, the preserver of its values and the ones to live out the consequences of its current condition; we have to provide a platform for young people who are unhappy with the status quo and passionate about its improvement. We welcome all young Nigerians on board and men of good will who share similar passion to support us.


HIV/AIDS Prevention Promotion Youth Club mobilizes students of University of Ibadan and Ebonyi State University to join the global advocacy for HIV/AIDS prevention. The club also creates awareness and improves the knowledge of members of the university community on other sexual and reproductive health issues.