Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

We envision a just, humane and healthy Nigerian society with a strong health system that guarantees high quality, affordable and accessible health care for her people.

Our Mission

To inspire the Nigerian youth to continuously challenge and expand the role of both the individual and institutions in addressing Nigeria’s health and developmental needs in order to foster public health care quality improvement.

Our Values

-          We value innovations and  proactive approaches to service

-          We value strong partnership with other youth-led initiatives and organizations with similar objectives

-          We promote accountability in what we do

-          We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

-          We encourage teamwork within our organization and with our partners 

Our Strategies

-          Mobilize, educate and inspire young people to take proactive actions towards health development

-          Build partnerships/collaborations with individuals, communities, and other civil society organizations 

-          Engage people using the social media on Nigerian health development issues

-          Advocate with all levels of government on health policy and development issues

-          Replicate HAPPY Club in educational institutions